Monday, June 20, 2011

Christopher Ram's relations with Shaniza Haniff

Shaniza Haniff in Christopher Ram's car in 2008 after performing a questionable sexual act for him.
Shaniza Haniff at an undisclosed location where she meets Christopher Ram on a regular basis.
 Christopher Ram's relations with Shaniza Haniff

Chartered Accountant and attorney-at-law Christopher Ram has been in questionable relationships with young women it is so shocking to discover that Christopher Ram is also in a sexual relationship with former Queens College student Shaniza Haniff where her classmates revealed that Shaniza Haniff was subject to intense buggery and cocksucking. 

It was speculated that Shaniza Haniff started the relationship with Christopher Ram since she was 16 in 2008. Christopher Ram forced Shaniza Haniff into shaving her vaginal hairs so that she could satisfy the pussysucking pleasures of Christopher Ram.
Shaniza Haniff is certainly hungry for Christopher Ram's cocaine money which is collected from Guyanese drug lord Salim Juman Azeez.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Christopher Ram's puppets of chaos

Farad Lakeram of Leonora,West Coast Demerara. One of the most sodomatical gun-runners on the West Demerara turf who licks pussy and takes bugger from Chandra Narine Sharma.

Shaniza Haniff ( in the black with the big booty) who went in numerous relationships with known drug lords and pimps.

Rabindra aka Eric who works at Demerara Shipping Company. He confides with cocaine traffickers and sells his back part to chartered accountant Christopher Ram.

Varsha Singh. The biggest cocksucker in Enmore, East Coast Demerara.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Christopher Ram Buggered Shaniza Haniff

Chartered Accountant Christopher Ram who sodomized Asmita Chand and also Shaniza Haniff.
Guyanese accountant and junior attorney at-law Lallbachan Christopher Ram has been notorious in performing  sodomatical acts on his wife Ena Ram and also his former employee Asmita Chand and former Queens College student Shaniza Haniff. Asmita Chand shaved her pussy on a regular basis and had to shove a mopstick with Vaseline up her asshole so that Christopher Ram can perform a "clean audit" with his dirty cock.

Christopher Ram sodomized Shaniza Haniff on regular occasions because her booty is huge and her pussy is unfuckable due to the amount of men who fucked her, especially her stepfather who took away her virginity.

Note that the only persons entitled to fuck and sodomize Shaniza Haniff are Christopher Ram and local drug lord Salim Juman Azeez.